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Kick bieber right in the face! Is now live! here on Google Play store for free!

Finally you can hit bieber with this funny and simple application! Just with the use of one fingers!
Try to beat the highscore and compete with your friend for it! This game can be infinite! Just kill him more and more!!
Lot of funny for free 😀

*a new update is coming soon,new graphics! stay tuned*





Flashlight is an easy to use application that create a totally white screen that allow you to make light with your phone without use the flash of the photocamera.

Just click on the button and light will be made!
Here some screenshot of the app!

You Can download the application here

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Let your fantasy blowout!
This application allows you to take notes and drawn whatever you want!
Free with no ADS easy to use,safe and reliable!,Just draw what you want.
You can choose three color’s Red,Black and blue,use the wipe button to delete what you made and do it again!

Dont rate if there is any problem,just tell it to me C:


Here some screenshot of the application!

HERE You can download the app,please rate and leave a feedback!

Coming soon!

Try ZooFamily now! For free.
ZooFamily allows you to listen to all your’s favorite animal voice,all in a single easy to use screen with NO ADS
You Can use it to make joke of your friends and to learn to your kids all the animal voice have fun!
Here some screenshot of the application!

Here you can download and rate the application!  Thanks for the help,and the support!